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An ideal system of learning combines pragmatism, expression, conversation, investigation, and construction. At Suguna International, we earnestly incorporate these attributes into our method of teaching with 360 degree holistic development aimed at 21st century skill sets, where the child walks in as a toddler and walks out as an achiever.


Education is an eternal process where there is something new to learn every day. Education serves the dual purpose of helping one attain success in their chosen career path while moulding the children with high moral values. Children need to develop interactive and critical thinking skills which will enable them to compete globally.


Knowledge can be acquired and enhanced in multiple ways. We encourage reading and narration among children right from the kindergarten level. Helen O' Grady International Program modules are part of our curriculum, where children are taught through aspects of developmental drama that enhance communication skills, boost energy and enthusiasm, encourage listening and conversational skills, promote social skills, and stimulate creativity and concentration. Jolly Phonics (for Kindergarten and Primary) sessions are included where Teaching becomes a multi-sensory practice with fun actions, stories, and songs.

Primary and Secondary

The curriculum for primary level follows the Central Board prescribed syllabus. All classrooms are well equipped with LCD’s and an engaging teaching system that makes lessons more interesting, informative and interactive. The teachers work on a platform for Teaching software. Projects and experiments are conducted in Mathematics, Science and Computer Science through a “do and learn” concept where the theories are explained with ease.

Competitive Exams

Competitive exams such as JEE/NEET require intense preparation and relentless questioning and knowledge building sessions. With our indigenous system of teaching, we coach the students, equipping them with confidence and skills such as time management, problem-solving abilities, and quick learn keys in each subject of study.


Education Through Music. A novel way of incorporating music to align with academics. The music sets the tone for a wider scope of learning subjects. This juxtaposition of arts with academics creates a mutually beneficial system where the child learns music as well as the academic concepts with ease.

Value Education

The importance of empathy and compassion towards each other are one of the several ideal human values that have to be put into practice by every child of the current generation. We gently guide the child and help address the emotions of tender minds during these sessions. The children are encouraged to discuss their views and share their thoughts.


Assessments are conducted as per the CBSE norms.

Periodic Assessment I will be scheduled in July

Periodic Assessment II will be scheduled in December

Periodic Assessment III will be scheduled in February

Term I: June - September

Term I Exam will be scheduled in September

Term II: October - March

Term II Exam will be scheduled in March


Academics cannot be transferred abstractly. A classroom comprises children with varying intellectual interests. To quench the thirst of knowledge in each mind, we generate worksheets that supplement real-time learning and improve practical skills.

Examination Scheme

Our educational organisation necessitates various methods to persuade every child's intellectual capability to come to the fore, in diverse ways. One such approach is to conduct peripheral examinations in our school campus which provides a broad perspective of competitiveness to face challenging examinations at the National and International levels.

We conduct:

  • SOF - Olympiad Examination
  • MAT - Mental Ability Test along with Math

Remedial Classes

At times, special attention for a few learner groups is necessary. Care, patience, and support by teachers are extended after regular school hours. We depute teachers who identify the field in which attention is needed and generally help them out in preparation for the forthcoming exams.

Workshop and Seminars

Our well-experienced teachers possess the ability to share knowledge and create an environment where the children can ask them questions without hesitation which they, in turn, can patiently answer. To satiate the unquenchable thirst for knowledge in the young, inquisitive minds, teachers are required to continuously upgrade their knowledge and expertise according to the current era. Our management anticipates this and organizes workshops and seminars for our teaching staff in diverse subjects from time to time. A Hybrid learning system was introduced during the pandemic to enable teachers to handle online classes and new teaching methods with ease.

  • Teacher's Enrichment Programmes
  • Science Enrichment Programmes
  • Questioning Skill Sessions
  • Worksheet Generation
  • Classroom Management
  • Language Enrichment Programme
  • Enrichment Programme - Mathematics
  • Awareness Programme - Clean Green Coimbatore
  • Technology in Education - Practice on Tabs
  • iPad workshops - By Apple

Various other renowned organisations have also conducted Enrichment Programmes periodically. The teachers implement all these strategies in their classrooms.


As Learning is to life, so is Enjoyment to Sport. Learning is a constant in our lives; each experience, every year, gives us something new and different to learn & enjoy. Our team of instructors, including qualified teachers, focus on 3 main principles: safety, enjoyment and fun!

Within our course structure, we provide a medley of activities:

  • Outdoor Adventure
  • Holidays / Trips
  • Watersports
  • Camping
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Edu sports has been associated with our school for the past few years to implement best-in-class physical education & sports programme. The programme is designed to offer the same in sports & physical education, in earnest, as in academics.

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Our physical trainers and Edusports team organize stress-busting games for teachers and children, because it is a proven fact that taking short breaks in between studies helps one learn more efficiently.

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After school hours, our physical trainers conduct coaching classes for the following category of sport twice a week. Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton,Table Tennis, Hockey, Football, Kho-kho, Athletics.

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All our students are encouraged to participate in activities of their choice to exhibit their talents and they go on to win numerous awards. Healthy competition is always encouraged in our school. Among these are: Eco Club, Art & Craft Club, Literary Club, Cookery Club, Philately, Numismatics Club, and Photography Club.

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Dance is one of the best forms of expression. Our dance studio is the place where our talented dancers can enjoy different dance forms under the guidance of our agile dance tutors. An accommodative dance floor with mirrored walls and a well-appointed audio system adds to the experience. This is an asset to our school.

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The Craft Studio is a place where our budding artists give form to their imagination and create vivid images. A calm and decorated environment allows the artist to work in peace with comfortable furniture such as adjustable chairs along with a range of craft supplies to choose from.


The Suguna International School has been sailing successfully with its Dramatics team for six years. The Dramatics team puts together classic plays and skits that showcase mastery over the language, pronunciation and voice modulation skills. The entire gamut of emotions are conveyed through their oratory and acting skills. Thought provoking topics such as social responsibility are highlighted with references to our rich culture and heritage inspiring them forward. This improves their public speaking, team work, leadership and confidence skill sets.

Dramatics Image - Suguna International School


Classical Group Dance - Suguna International School

Dance is a form of expression that is timeless and versatile. It is a common ground which unites people with the same universal passion. An agile body lends to a healthy mind. The discipline followed in dance helps the child listen better and follow through with instructions. Both Western and Classical forms are encouraged with solo as well as group dance performance.

Coordination and team work skills are sharpened during the course of the dance sessions and there is a constant flow of positive energy. During the Annual Day, parents witness their stellar performances after months of practice.


Colors and creativity go hand-in-hand. There is no limit to how colors can be used. Art is an inborn talent, and in our school, we tap the artistic potential of our children allowing them to create on their own. Our Art teachers guide them and create a calm and inspiring zone in our Art Studio for them to put their imagination on canvas and bring the blank spaces to life.

Arts done by Students - Suguna International School


Group Yoga image - Suguna International School

Control of mind, body and thoughts comprises Yogasana. Our experienced, trained and certified instructors inspire the students and help them realize the amazing benefits of a healthy and flexible body. Our children participate in numerous competitions held at the City, State, National and International levels. Our children have brought innumerable laurels to our school. The concept of Yoga is a piece of our heritage which we wish to inculcate in our children and see it thrive in the generations to come. Yoga is a style of life that not only cleanses one’s mind, but also brings one close to spirituality and disciplines their life.


Apart from the inculcation of culture and heritage, spiritual rekindling is also equally important in our present lifestyle. Bhajans not only allow our minds to connect as one, but also help us focus our thoughts towards positivity. The rhythmic beats and varying tempo create a symphony that expels any negativity. Bhajans are conducted every Friday.

Classical music In SIS - Suguna International School


Awareness campaigns at SIS - Suguna International School

In today's world, it is important to be socially conscious and receptive. We all have to do our bit towards creating a better future for others after us. In this regard, various activities are planned through discussions and monthly planners to bring about a positive change around us.

We organize cleanliness drives and awareness campaigns in our immediate neighborhood to spread awareness as responsible citizens.

Among our popular Campaigns are:

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Benefits of Organic Food
  • Waste Management
  • Conservation of Electricity
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Recycle Reduce Repair Refurbish