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With emphasis on the holistic development of students, all our facilities and services are of sterling caliber. Offering and facilitating the right platform for students to develop their potentials, hone their skills, and ensure all-round development, our classrooms are a boon to creative minds, kindled through an especially conducive environment. Our classrooms are well ventilated and spacious with LCDs & DG boards. With a harmonious environment and quality amenities, we proffer the best in knowledge, while keeping the comfort of students and staff as our primary focus.

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The Library is an immeasurable treasure trove, imparting wisdom, language, literature, and awareness. It inculcates discipline in the mind. Our spacious library is a goldmine of knowledge, laden with a comprehensive catalogue of books, journals, magazines, novels, and rare publications.

Our shelves are constantly upgraded with multilingual, knowledge-based, activity-based, and unique storybooks. Children are welcome to choose books of their choice and share their perspectives with their teachers.


Keeping up with the latest-in-line technological developments in the field of multimedia, our digital libraries have been upgraded to accommodate the below suites:

  • Technically advanced and air-conditioned MMS room which can accommodate approximately 60 students.
  • 5.1 surround sound system supported by high-quality Projector Screen, Smart Board and clear screen visibility to the students.
  • Syllabus-oriented enrichment videos and chapter-related facts.
  • Projector for academic presentations.
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Our lab houses the latest equipment to aid practical learning and enable our students to have a first-hand experience on handling instruments and apparatus with care.

Our experienced staff guide the students on the use and care of the instruments and provide individual attention to the beginners.

Child-safe and inbuilt electrical connections are installed with all the necessary first-aid measures.


The Chemistry Lab is the perfect platform for students to hone their skills and scientific prowess. Furnished with the latest hi-tech interactive smart boards for a virtual learning experience, the lab is well furnished with all the prescribed devices of learning. Concealed gas lines, safety devices and other preventive measures are taken to ensure a safe environment for the children to experiment.

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“Curiosity, quest, hands-on & minds-on” concept is closely linked with young minds where they are given a platform to explore, interpret and exhibit theoretical concepts. All latest amenities and apparatus are made exclusively available to our children. Well-trained teachers and lab attendees guide the students in their experimental pursuits.

Our Biology Lab is well planned to meet the advancements in science and technology. The laboratory also has clear charts, models and specimens for demonstrations. Our well-planned ventilation and exhaust systems efficiently ensure a comfortable environment in the lab during experiments that may cause fumes.


“Math is no more a terror”. Children love their Math periods and learn the subject in a more practical environment where they can test logical and arithmetic theories. Children perceive concepts thoroughly when a combination of theoretical and hands-on experience teaching is implemented. While one might be forced to believe that Math needs constant practice, interest and brainpower, a clear understanding of the concept which can be fostered through Math lab is all it takes for a child to master the subject. Our unique Math Lab concept is structured to make Math simple and fun for students, well equipped to demonstrate and elucidate any topic.

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Our students have unlimited access to computers embedded with advanced software tools, supported by Teachers who are well versed in the subject and access to networks for additional clarity in the concepts. Application-oriented software is taught to children where they master their computer skills. At the end of every term, on the “Tech-Day”, parents are invited to visit the lab to go through their child’s projects and applaud their efforts. Our management provides classrooms with a wide array of teaching software which is a boon to children and their inquisitive minds.


We are the pioneers of the iPad Lab in Coimbatore city. Gen Z is relatively comfortable using technology in almost every aspect. In the iPad Lab, students are provided with an iPad through which classroom lessons can be accessed along with activity pages like Think and Ink corner and Think Deep Wonders.

The children enjoy doing their home assignments with the support of internet tools and reference materials beyond the scope of textbooks. We have strict security systems in place which provide a safe and secure medium of learning, which the child can operate even on normal smartphones under parental supervision. Teachers utilize the iPads provided for their use to explore and share information to children without delay.

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Children have been ensured a clear and complete teaching methodology through our enhanced system with qualified and trained teachers who do not force learning but instead facilitate education using innovative methodologies.